Venus and Jupiter as Prima Ballerina

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This afternoon Venus and Jupiter will be in perfect alignment, occupying the same part of the zodiac  (27˚ Virgo).  Although the  alignment  happens about once a year, the zodiac sign it happens in differs – and they have not danced together in Virgo since August 1992. Although both planets have been in Virgo more than […]

Being a 21st Century Western Astrologer

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In July I was interviewed by Astrology News Services about my doctoral thesis and some of my overall thoughts on the field of astrology today. Because I have reached a point where my ability to write a little bit, is infinitely more complicated than drafting a tome, my written responses were more detailed than they […]

Love is The Way Through

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One of the questions I am most frequently asked in regards to astrology is if there is something going on the sky that reflects, sheds light on, or explains all craziness that is happening in the world. The answer is Yes; but unfortunately this truth is not always reassuring, or comforting.

Bliss?!? WTF

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Joseph Campbell famously wrote: “Follow your bliss.” But what if you don’t know what your bliss is? What if you have spent so much of your life being what you think you should be; doing what society, family, friends have told you to do, you’ve lost sight of YOUR bliss? Maybe you’ve spent so long […]