Astrology Classes


Astrology Classes in Development

You mean there’s more?

This class will  deepen one’s understanding of Western astrology as they learn to put together the multitude of symbols they have come to understand in the 1st class. Additionally this class will explore how astrology can be used to gain deeper understandings about relationships.

This class is currently in development: Dates TBA

Astrological Meditation Class

This class is for those who feel they have at least a foundational grasp in the fundamentals of astrology. In this class I will use various meditation exercises to enrich one’s understanding of the astrological archetypes. In doing so one will have their own relationship with the signs and planets, their own deep understanding that goes beyond intellect. It is my belief that having a rich an personal relationship with the astrological archetypes is profoundly beneficial whether one is looking to  create an astrological practice for themselves or  are merely looking to enrich their own life.

This class is currently in development: Dates TBA