Lucky Heart

Tonight, Jupiter the god of luck and optimism is dancing with Venus the goddess of love and beauty, in courageous, playful heart centered Leo. This conjunction is exact at 10:20 PDT, although we’re likely to feel it for the next few days. As they dance together they are likely to co-create some much-needed joy. The events of the past week have brought up lots of raw emotion, both of grief and anger for many. This conjunction allows us to remember, and hopefully embrace the luck, joy and love that  surrounds us all.

Additionally things we may have been trying to accomplish, but have encountered resistance may begin to move as these two planets align. The luck of Jupiter, coupled with the compassion of Venus and the courage of Leo support us to take risks to accomplish our dreams. As these two interplay our hearts are likely to feel more open to ourselves and those around us.

Tonight, and the next few days will be a great time to heal wounded hearts, as our depth for compassion is much extended with this alignment.  Although, to be fair this alignment can have a bit of a rose colored glasses effect, so it’s good to check in and groundout waltzed expanding your heart.


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