Astrology - the Mythic Language of the Sky

Astrology is a symbolic representation of life events. As an astrologer with a concentration in spiritually centered psychology, I translate and interpret your mythic tale (symbolically written in the sky) to help you develop a holistic understanding of who you are, why you have incarnated, and what it is you are here to do.

Through our work together, you will come to understand the larger reasons for your existence. This understanding facilitates internal and external transformation, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

A Stellar Life Awaits You

Access your full potential with astrological and psychological insight, support and guidance. Astrology, the language of the stars, goes back to antiquity when myths, the stories of vibrant cultures, provided guidance and answers on how to navigate the ups and downs of life. These stories reflected in the night sky, told in the language of astrology, are as true today as they were in the days of Plato and Socrates.

Dr. Laura Tadd, Psychological Astrologer

dr_laura_tadd_astrologerLaura Tadd PhD is an internationally known psychological astrologer. Working in an advisory capacity (both in-person and virtually) with individuals, couples and organizations, her astrological consultations help create a deeper understanding of self, life experiences and potential. Consultations can address unanswered questions, goals, issues and so much more.

Dr. Tadd’s lectures on astrology address its value as a tool in understanding and improving interpersonal dynamics. She also speaks about astrological technique and application; in both webinar and live formats. In addition to her blog, Cosmic Timing, Dr. Tadd has authored many articles on astrology.

Her experience with astrology, psychology and her doctoral education sets her apart from the lion-share of astrologers today. Astrology goes far beyond the form of astrology found in the back pages of a fashion magazine. She supports clients as a guide (spiritually and emotionally) to help experience awakening and liberation from behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve you.

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