Astrological Consulting

Let’s face it; sometimes, it is tough being human. Of course, it’s wonderful and beautiful too, but there are moments when it feels like as soon as you think you have grown or learned, the universe gives you a pop-quiz. And just like that, you are confronted with how much more you still have to learn. My role as an astrological counselor is to assist you with acquiring a healthy perspective, giving credit where and when it is warranted, and acknowledging where there is room for improvement. Additionally, I provide you with tools and support as you navigate life’s challenges and embrace opportunities that are in alignment with your true self and higher purpose.

Below are links to my consultation options and prices. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Astrological Readings/Astrological Consulting

See options and pricing for Astrological consulting sessions. I am a psychological astrologer, meaning I have expertise in both psychology and astrology to support you.

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Astrology for Organizations

The information astrology provides, within the context of a business or organization is invaluable in the decision-making process.

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The Traveling Astrologer

In addition to working as a consulting astrologer over the phone and Skype, I also work with people in-person at various locations around the globe. See where I will be traveling and how to book an in-person astrology reading when I am on the road.

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