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Counseling Astrology I: Foundations in Psychological Astrology

6- week course offered through the International Academy of Astrology (IAA)

This six-week online course explores the origins of psychological astrology and how it differs from a more divinatory application of the cosmology. To understand how astrology came to be paired with psychology, we will explore psychologist C. G. Jung’s application of astrology. We will also examine Roberto Assagioli’s (founder of psychosynthesis) use of the cosmology. Additionally, we will discuss the integration of astrology by current psychological theorists such as Stanislav Grof and the movement of present-day psychologists who are integrating astrology into their practice. Next, we will investigate prominent astrologers who work in a counseling capacity, such as Dane Rudhyar, Liz Green, Alice O Howell, Mark Jones, and others.

Once you have a foundational understanding of how astrology has evolved into a therapeutic tool, we will consider the meaning of the Planets and Luminaries through a psychological lens. Lastly, we will look at some of the key planetary cycles concerning one’s own psychological development.

Reading list for Course
  • Jungian Symbolism in Astrology – Alice O Howell
  • Making the Gods Work for You: The Astrological Language of the Psyche – Caroline Casey
  • Midlife Is Not a Crisis: Using Astrology to Thrive in the Second Half of Life – Virginia Bell

Other resources will be in the online course itself.

Weekly Topics
  1. What psychological astrology is and is not.
  2. Astrological Psychology: Psychologists who use(d) astrology in their practice.
  3. Psychological Astrology: Astrologers who use(d) astrology therapeutically
  4. Personal Planets
  5. Social and Transpersonal Planets
  6. Important Planetary Cycles and Psychological Development

This class is a Mixed-model of online through Moodle and LMS and weekly classes held over GoTo Meeting. The class Starts on January 13th, 2022.  The live classes are held on Thursdays from 8:00 — 9:30 PM (ET).

Please contact me with any questions.

For more information and to register please go here: IAA: Counseling Astrology I

The Power of Personal Myth: The Stories You Live By $350

Please join me for an eight-week online course in Personal Mythology. It will be taught with an online learning management system, and I will hold two Zoom calls over our eight weeks together. (If you cannot attend the zoom call, a recording will be provided to you).

In this course, you will explore some of the myths, the personal and transpersonal stories, that shape who you are and how you walk through the world. Contrary to popular belief, a myth is not a falsehood. A myth is a story that holds universal and collective truths. They are stories woven through time, tethering us to our known ancestors and beyond. By unpacking some of your personal myths (yes, you have many), the origins of your actions, attitudes, and behaviors are illuminated. Using experiential exercises and reflective writing assignments, you will come to know yourself in a new way. When you understand the story that you are living, you can more consciously direct the narrative of your life.

Please contact me with any questions.


Upcoming Sessions


Foundations of Astrology, in 4 parts. Taught in 6-week sections of Signs, Planets, Houses, & Aspects and Putting it all together. $300 per section.

(In development – coming Summer 2021)

The word astrology means the language of the stars. Astrology is a potent and helpful tool. When looking to unpack what the cosmos is communicating, you need to understand the foundational building blocks. These four-part introductory courses will give you the building blocks to begin to understand this cosmology. These classes provide you with a foundational understanding of this ancient language – the terminology one needs to know for further study or inquiry. Once you know the alphabet, you can begin to read the dialogue of the stars.

All classes include:

  • Weekly Zoom Calls Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 PM (ET)
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Video and Written Resources

Please contact me with any questions.


The 12 Signs of the Zodiac

We will unpack the 12 zodiacal signs of Western astrology and their meanings in the contemporary world. The first week will break down some of the mechanics of astrology. From there, we move into a discussion of each astrological sign and some of the mythology associated with each sign. As we do, we will explore what they represent as psychological archetypes and the roles they play in our life.

Planets and Luminaries

Now that you have a foundational understanding of the signs, we will move on to the planets, the who’s of astrology. While many are aware of their “Sun Sign,” every planet is always somewhere within the Zodiacal belt. In this class, we will get to know the characters who live within us: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. This, too, is a bite-size class, so it will be an introduction to these co-conspirators we all walk with every day.

Astrological Houses

Now that you know the Zodiac and the characters of the cosmos, it is time to understand that where they reside within the sky colors their expression. Since antiquity, understanding the language of the stars has been tied to their location. Astrology is a geocentric, or earth-centered, cosmology. As such, where and when a phenomenon occurs is a crucial variable. Over the millennia, the way this has manifested has been to identify and calculate what we know today as houses. Just as there are 12 signs of the Zodiac, astrologers break the sky into 12 houses. And like the hands of a clock, the sky is in constant rotation. Each of these houses are fixed in place, like the cosmos, like the hands of a clock, sojourn through them every day. In this class, we will explore the meaning of each House, and who like a theater-gel or piece of colored glass, the House alters how a given astrological signature is lived into or expressed.

 Aspects and Putting It All Together

Now that you have some of the fundamentals, it is time to put the first 3 classes together. In this class, we will review what was explored in the early classes and how they are interrelated. In so doing, we will look at what is known as the Ptolemaic aspects. In astrology, Aspects are the geometric angle any two or more points or celestial objects are making. The degrees of these angles have specific meaning adding yet a further dimension to a given astrological phenomenon. The aspects are how the characters of the cosmos communicate.


Cosmic Conversations: The Stories You Carry and Tell as Seen Through the Lens of Astrology:  $700 or two payments of $355 (10-weeks dates TBA).

(In development coming Summer 2021)

At its core, astrology is the language of the stars. But what are they saying? What do they want us to know? In this mixed-model course, you will learn how to be in dialog with your astrology. Using experiential exercises and reflective writing assignments, you will dialogue with the cosmos and thereby get to know yourself in a new way. When you understand the desire of a planetary archetype, you will more clearly understand the habitual patterns you have found yourself in. You can befriend parts of yourself that have seemed hidden or out of reach. And gain a greater perspective for the challenges you have encountered. The universe wants you to thrive; why not ask how?

  • One 60-Min Private Consultation
  • Weekly 90-Min Zoom Call
  • Weekly planetary Guided imagery dialogues 
  • Weekly Journal prompts
  • Private Slack Group 


Topics covered

Sun: Self/Identity
Moon: Emotions/Compassion/Care
Mercury: Communication/Ideas
Venus: Love/Value/Beauty
Mars: Action/Anger/Passion
Jupiter: Adventure/Hope/Joy
Saturn: Power/Responsibility/ Boundaries
Uranus: Authenticity/Rebellion/Karmic Wounding
Neptune: Spirituality/Avoidance/Dreams
Pluto: Death/Transformation/Transition

 (You will need to have a foundational grasp of the fundamentals of astrology to attend, if you are looking to have such a foundation, please consider enrolling in Astrological Foundations in 4 parts – see above)


Astrological Meditation Class: Talking to Your Transits – 8-week $550 or two payments of $275

(In development – coming Summer 2021)

In this class, I will use various meditation exercises to enrich your understanding of the astrological archetypes and how they actively show up in your life. In so doing, you will deepen your relationship with the signs and planets and learn how to work with them when they are extra talkative. Having a rich personal relationship with the astrological archetypes is profoundly beneficial. This is true whether you are looking to develop your astrological practice or for personal growth.

This class takes place over 8 weeks.

The class fee includes one 60-minute astrological consultation. In addition, there will be a weekly group Zoom gathering where we will do an exercise and discuss how one is doing under the current cosmic weather. During this call, you will receive your weekly exercises and journal prompts. Those who cannot make the call will be recorded and made available to you via a link only assessable to those in the class. There will also be a private Slack group so that you can contact one another during the course.

(You will need to have a foundational grasp of the fundamentals of astrology to attend, if you are looking to have such a foundation, please consider enrolling in Astrological Foundations in 4 parts)

  • One 60-Min Privet Consultation
  • Weekly 90-Min Zoom Call
  • Weekly Self-relative exercises and Journal prompts
  • Privet Slack Group

Please contact me with any questions.