Astrology Classes

Counseling Astrology I: Foundations in Psychological Astrology – $387.00

A 6- week course offered through the International Academy of Astrology (IAA) from April 21- June 8, 2022 (Week off for memorial day weekend)  that explores the origins of psychological astrology and how it differs from a more divinatory application of the cosmology. Learn More

The Power of Personal Myth: The Stories You Live By  $480

Taught in collaboration with Live Life Reseorese

Please join me for a course in Personal Mythology. This course is self-paced learning via an online learning management system and includes eight 30-minute. One-on-one Zoom calls to go over each topic’s material. On these calls, I will provide you with support and guidance as you explore the stories interwoven into the fabric of your life. Learn More


Foundations of Astrology, in 4 parts. Taught in 6-week sections of Signs, Planets, Houses, & Aspects and Putting it all together. $300 per section. (In development)

The word astrology means the language of the stars. Astrology is a potent and helpful tool. When looking to unpack what the cosmos is communicating, you need to understand the foundational building blocks. Learn More


Cosmic Conversations: The Stories You Carry and Tell as Seen Through the Lens of Astrology:  $700 (10-week dates TBA). (In development)

At its core, astrology is the language of the stars. But what are they saying? What do they want us to know? In this mixed-model course, you will learn how to be in dialogue with your astrology. Learn More

Astrological Meditation Class: Talking to Your Transits – 8-week $550  (In development)

In this class, I will use various meditation exercises to enrich your understanding of the astrological archetypes and how they actively show up in your life. In so doing, you will deepen your relationship with the signs and planets and learn how to work with them when they are extra talkative. Learn More