The Power of Personal Myth

The Power of Personal Myth: The Stories You Live By – $480 (or two payments of $250)

Taught in collaboration with Live Life Resources

Please join me for a powerful course in Personal Mythology. Throughout this course, you will explore some of the myths, the personal and transpersonal stories, that shape who you are and how you walk through the world. Contrary to popular belief, a myth is not a falsehood. But rather a symbolic story that holds universal and collective truths. They are the tales woven through time, tethering us to our ancestors, society, and culture.

By unpacking some of your personal myths (yes, you have many), the origins of your actions, attitudes, and behaviors are illuminated. Using experiential exercises, guided meditations, and reflective writing assignments, you will come to know yourself in a new way. When you understand the story that you are living, you can more consciously direct the narrative of your life.

This course is self-paced learning via an online learning management system and includes eight 30-minute. One-on-one Zoom calls to go over each topic’s material. On these calls, I will provide you with support and guidance as you explore the stories interwoven into the fabric of your life.

Course Objectives

  • Discover an inner ally to lean on or look to for support
  • Examine myths & stories that are interwoven into your life
  • Ancestor’s stories
  • Your Inner child
  • Love
  • Power/Authority
  • Health/Wellness
  • Gain an understanding of how these myths impact your decision-making
  • Learn tools to change the narratives that are no longer serving you

 Upon Completion, You Will:

  • Have a foundational understanding of transpersonal psychology
  • Have a foundational understanding of the concept of archetypes
  • Understand some of the personal myths you live by and have inherited from your ancestors, culture, and society
  • Begin understanding how to reframe and rewrite myths that are impeding your ability to actualize your greatest potential
  • Understand the power of story when it comes to understanding yourself

This Course Includes:

  •  Topics and explorations into personal myth
    • Course material
      • Readings
      • Videos
      • Guided meditations
    • Reflective writing
    • Eight 30-min One-on-one Zoom meetings


This course is self-paced, with rolling enrollment. You will remain enrolled for 4-months. It is up to you the speed at which you complete the eight sections or modules of the course.

That said, it is recommended you take no fewer than 8-weeks, giving each topic one week of your attention. For lasting change to occur, you need time to integrate the material. A 4-month maximum has been put in place to help you stay on track and engaged with your inner work.



There is rolling admission to this course. Live Life Resources manage registration.

Upon registration, you will have access to the course for four months.

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A one-time payment of $480

or Two $250 payments (Installments are spaced one month apart)

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