Astrology for Organizations

Steller Power in the Workplace

Everything has a moment of birth – a time when it came into being in the world – and thus, everything has a mythic tale. Knowing the mythic tale of your business or organization empowers you to take your organization’s story in the most advantageous direction possible.

The information astrology provides within the context of a business or organization is invaluable in the decision-making process. Integrating the information astrology provides sheds light on when to execute a change or what action is in the best interest of your business or organization at a given time. Issues such as when to hire, launch a product or embark on a new project can be furthered with an astrological perspective.

Additionally, astrology provides remarkable insight into both dyadic and group dynamics. This insight allows for effective, productive, and creative collaboration in the workplace. Whether you are the chair of an organization, a department head, or self-employed, astrology will shed light on the interpersonal dynamics in play – and how to make the most of them. Working in this way leads to a positive work environment where people and organizations thrive.

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