Cosmic Conversations

Cosmic Conversations: The Stories You Carry and Tell as Seen Through the Lens of Astrology:  $700 or two payments of $355

(10-weeks dates TBA)

At its core, astrology is the language of the stars. But what are they saying? 
What do they want us to know? In this mixed-model course, you will learn how to be in dialog with your astrology. Using experiential exercises and reflective writing assignments, you will dialogue with the cosmos and thereby get to know yourself in a new way. When you understand the desire of a planetary archetype, you will more clearly understand the habitual patterns you have found yourself in. You can befriend parts of yourself that have seemed hidden or out of reach. And gain a greater perspective for the challenges you have encountered. The universe wants you to thrive; why not ask how?  This Class Includes:


  • One 60-Min Private Consultation
  • Weekly 90-Min Zoom Call
  • Weekly planetary Guided imagery dialogues 
  • Weekly Journal prompts
  • Private Slack Group 



Topics covered

Sun: Self/Identity
Moon: Emotions/Compassion/Care
Mercury: Communication/Ideas
Venus: Love/Value/Beauty
Mars: Action/Anger/Passion
Jupiter: Adventure/Hope/Joy
Saturn: Power/Responsibility/ Boundaries
Uranus: Authenticity/Rebellion/Karmic Wounding
Neptune: Spirituality/Avoidance/Dreams
Pluto: Death/Transformation/Transition

 (You will need to have a foundational grasp of the fundamentals of astrology to attend, if you are looking to have such a foundation, please consider enrolling in Astrological Foundations in 4 parts – see above)