Astrology Teaching

Learning to Read the Sky

Psychological Astrologer Dr. Laura Tadd offers astrology classes and teaching.

Astrology Classes

Astrology Tutoring

I get profound joy in helping others learn how to interpret astrology for themselves. There is a spark of recognition in one’s eye when they begin to have their own relationship with this mythic cosmology. A-ha moments and Eureka moments are both common and cathartic. And so fun to be a part of.

We all learn in different ways. For some of us, we get the most out of a group environment. For others, such environments can be overstimulating, finding themselves lost in the crowd. And sometimes, we are a bit of both, enjoying the stimulation of a group and yet appreciating the support that dyadic engagement can provide. To that end, my astrological teaching work takes place in multiple ways.

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