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New Moon Astrology: Affiliate of Xinyue Culture and Astrology in China

In May 2018 Dr. Laura Tadd was interviewed by Stellar Chan while attending the United Astrology Conference in Chicago IL. In this video, Dr. Tadd discusses her astrological work and how it is helpful for understanding the parent-child dynamic.

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Celestial Vibes (e-magazine) pp.1, Vol.1 (2018 Feb/March)

Composed very forward to the inaugural issue of celestial vibes magazine highlighting the value in a magazine that honors both Vedic and Western astrology.

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Stellar Insights: Enriching the Relationship Between Parent and Child with Astrology

This e-book briefly explorers the value in applying an astrological perspective to understanding the parent child dynamic.

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Astrology News Services (ANS)

On Aug. 20, 2016, Edward Snow of Astrology News Services (ANS). A non-profit astrological news and information organization intervened Dr. Laura Tadd for their article: It’s Easier to be an Astrologer Today: But it still has its challenges.

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Washington State Astrological Association Newsletter

When an Astrology Reading is More than Just the Chart. Laura Tadd explores examples of why as an astrologer it is important to have counseling skills for

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The Mountain Astrologer. (181), (2015, June/July). pp.17-19

Reframing Squares. In this article Dr. Tadd explores how the shorthand explanation that squares are hard or bad is missing a big part of the story. She hypothesizes that the tension squares create is actually highly beneficial.

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The Mountain Astrologer (2016, Feb/March). (185) pp.14-16

The Shadow of Trine. In this article Dr. Tadd explores how the shorthand explanation that trines are easy, is not full story; easy is not always beneficial.

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Guided by Celestial Light in a World of Artificial Illumination: A Heuristic Study on the Lived Experience of Western Astrologers in Contemporary Times.

This doctoral thesis explores the lived experience of six contemporary Western astrologer, and what is like to pursue a career in that by and large is marked and just respect it in Western society.

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