July 12, 2018 New Moon in Cancer

Good goddess is this year’s New Moon in Cancer a whopper of a lunar launching-pad.

New Moons are in the same astrological sign as the Sun. So, since we are in the time of Cancer, the New Moon on the 12th of July at 10:48 PM EDT is also in Cancer.

Crabby Cancer, both symbolically and temperament wise, is also Mama to the world. Cancer loves to nurture and loves to be nurtured. Cancer, as an astrological sign, is tide to our homes, families and our sense of belonging. Like the Crab who carries its home on its back, wherever we have Cancer in our own astrology indicates we can be indirect, turning inward toward home (literally and figuratively). And true to its Mama like nature Cancer is also, Mama bear, fierce and formidable. Loving and nurturing to all the world, Cancer’s pinchers can come out like Samurai Swords to protect what and who it loves.

In astrology all the Planets and Luminaries (Sun and Moon) “rule” a sign. Most simply understood this means they are thematically similar in meaning. In the case of Cancer, it is tied to the Moon; which only adds intensity to this New Moon; you can kind of think of it as a New Moon times 2. In general, the Moon is representative of our emotional well-being (or lack thereof) and overlaps with Cancer as it is tied to home, family and one’s emotional needs.

The lunar phases, the prosses of the Moon going from New to Full and back to New again all have their own meaning. In the darkness of the seemingly moonless sky, we get the opportunity to hit the reboot on the part of life the sign the New Moon is hanging out in represents. It is a time of beginnings and invocation. Asking: What do we want and need that is tied to whatever sign the New Moon is in?

This year the New Moon in Cancer has the added charge of being a Partial Solar Eclipse. Although not visible in the USA, and in fact only somewhat visible from parts of Southern Australia, it does have a global energetic impact

Solar Eclipses, like New Moons, can have things obscured in darkness. Then like the rising of a curtain on a theaters stage, they reveal things we did not see before. Because of the Moon’s natural relationship to Cancer, this is a particularly emotional eclipse, although somewhat mitigated for the majority of us, as the shadow (the path of the eclipse) will not cross where we live. This heightened emotional state may lead us to be withdrawn, turning inward and protective of our homes and families. So be kind to yourself at this time.

Just in case all of this was not introducing enough change for you, transformational Pluto is in direct opposition (180˚away) from the Sun and Moon and therefore the New Moon. The transmutation this adds to the mix has this New Moon times 2 manifesting more like a New Moon power of 3.

To recap. We have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in alignment with Pluto, god of the underworld and transformation. If ever, in the last few months there was a time to say: “OK I’m ready to hit the reboot button on my emotional wellness, I want to change how I nurture, how open I am to others nurturing me, how clinging or defensive I am” it would be this New Moon. Don’t expect it to change on a dime. The eclipse energy with its magnifying power often causes a delay in manifestation. But OMG that is no reason to not tap into the potency of this opportunity to change.

Here are some tips to make the most of this New Moon

New Moon/Solar Eclipse meditation:

Although not a mantra about eclipses: “Om Namah Shivaya” can be a powerful mantra to use at this time. In Hinduism Shiva is the god of transformation. The repeating of the mantra aids us as we call in, and honor that which is in a state of transformation and rebirth. If you choose to meditate around the New Moon, try adding this to your practice. It can be said many times or just as an invocation. Alternatively, there are many recordings of it online you may want to play in the background while you meditate.

Another thing you could try is an aromatherapy bath. Cancer is, after all, a water sign. Really any oil that is soothing to you can work, but Blue Chamomile may be particularly helpful. This is such a powerful New Moon, finding ways to calm ourselves as we make the changes we wish to call in can have them manifest with greater ease.

And lastly, I have done this on the New Moon for years; make a wish list. Pulling from the work of the late Jann Spiller, New Moon wishes are a great way to tap into the invoking energy of this lunar phase. To make them just look at some of what the sign (in this case Cancer) is about and see what in relation to those things you want to call to you or change your engagement with.

Some keywords for Cancer are:
Domestic life

Physically Cancer Governs
The breasts

Some possible wishes could be:
I want to be more willing to nurture myself.
I want to be more nurturing to my partner.
I want my home to be a comforting place.
I want my tendency for hypersensitivity to lesson.
I want my relationship with my mother to improve.
I want to more easily digest foods I am sensitive to.