Scorpio New Moon Nov. 11th 2015

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – St. Francis of Assisi

Tomorrow, on November 11th at 9:47 AM (PST), we get this years New Moon in Scorpio. Every month the hidden Moon brings us an opportunity to invoke, begin, and call to us something new. It is a time of approaching things in a whole new way, beginning that which we have procrastinated and asking for support in doing so. And while it is true for most New Moons that we don’t see the fruits of our labor, the out comes of our invocation, until the Moon is Full in the same sign (six months later) I believe this to be particularly true this month. Tomorrow she disappears from view in the sign of Scorpio, the queen of all things hidden and deep.


As you think about what you would like to begin, invoke and bring into your life it may be helpful to think of these things as tubers, planted now and birthed in spring (in the Northern have of the globe) rather then seeds gestating in a greenhouse. These inner calls for change may lie deep within you, and will immerge when it is time. As such, work toward it now, but know that it must germinate, and thus are less likely to shift rapidly. Scorpio as a sign is about change, depth, transmutation, desire and passion. It is these parts of life that are most impacted by this New Moon.


Additionally, this month the planet Mercury is nipping at the heals of the New Moon; they are so close in the sky that an archetypal merging is taking place. Mercury is the god of communication; of both the spoken and written word. And while, following the work of the astrologer Jan Spiller, I always suggest writing down that which you want to call to you, change, (re)birth on a New Moon, this month I’m adding a twist. With the addition of Mercury (also in Scorpio) let me suggest you don’t just write things down but read your list (wishes) aloud, and like the tuber it represents, bury your list in the ground (assuming the earth is not yet too frozen). For Mercury is also the one god able to effortlessly travel between the worlds. A psychopomp (or one who is the guide of souls) he is the one to take us down into the depths of ourselves and lead us out again; never is this more his role then when in Scorpio. By burying your invocations, they connect with the physical world in a different way; they can metaphorically take root, and immerge anew.


One more thing before I send you off into the light of the darkened Moon. Scorpio is a water sign. You may find it to your benefit to take a luxurious bath, or long shower, before you inscribe your invocations. Submerge yourself in the water, washing away that which does not serve you, preparing to envision that which you wish to birth into your life. Emerging from the cleansing waters write out the you the new ways you would like to walk on the earth – with new and renewed passion for all that awaits you.

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