Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2021

Once again, we find ourselves in eclipse season, that time of year where we have back-to-back Lunar and Solar eclipses. The first of these pairs takes place on November 19 at 3:57 AM (EST). This Lunar Eclipse finds the Moon and 27˚14” Taurus and thus the Sun at 27˚14” Scorpio. Although for those of us in the Americas, it will happen in the wee hours of the morning, the energy it will bring in will be palpable a day before and after the exact alignment.

A Lunar Eclipse is also a Full Moon, the difference being that the Full Moon occurs close to its nodes. While the nodes are not actual objects in the sky, they are the points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic or the apparent path of the Sun from our view on earth.

Although this will not be a Total Lunar Eclipse, it will occur about 4˚ away from the Lunar Nodes. This eclipse will be conjunct the North Node, which is still in Gemini until mid-January (where it has been since May 2020). Despite the difference in signs and that this is not a total eclipse, it is still potent with possibility.

When unpacking what an Eclipse may offer, there are two primary things to explore, the sign it occurs and the node it is conjunct. From there, you look at how a given eclipse aspects other parts of the sky and how it lines up with your own natal astrology (at least as far as you may know it). I won’t be looking at all of this; frankly, it’s too much to cover unless you are fluent in Astro-babel. But I will explore the overall meaning of this eclipse and how you can make the most of this potent time.

This Lunar eclipse will be in Taurus, a sign associated with values and beauty. As an earth sign, it is also often associated with suborn stuck-ness. By contrast, Scorpio, the location of the Sun during the eclipse, governs change, transformation, and desires. As a water sign, it can be prone to emotional outbursts. Thus, this Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, is tied to this polarity. As it comes into alignment, you may find that you are increasingly emotional and emotionally reactive regarding what you have, what you want, and what has been lost. At this time, we are asked to give a once over to our surroundings and assess what we want to take with us in the times ahead.

As part of this assessment, you may find it helpful to do some journaling. Reflect on things you no longer want but have not fully let go of out of loyalty or willfulness. It is also a time of introspection, considering what is yours and what you are projecting. By its nature, shadow work, what we don’t like looking at about ourselves, can be uncomfortable but is necessary to grow. Because Eclipses are times where the veil between the conscious and unconscious is thinner, it can be a time of excellent illumination. They highlight what has been hidden, helping us discover unconscious motivations so we can respond in ways that are in our highest and best interest. Once those unconscious motivations are illuminated, you will be more able to know which direction to choose and how to pursue that which you do want.

During this time, you may also want to do things that ground you. Eclipses can feel destabilizing by their nature, so grounding out in whatever way you find most helpful often supports us to take advantage of the unstable energy rather than feel unmoored. The call to do this is amplified because the Eclipse will be in Taurus, an earth sign. As such, activities and rituals that help you to be present and, in your body, can be a great advantage at this time. For example, you could go for a walk in nature, do some yoga, or sit quietly with a cup of tea.

While not always the case, this Lunar Eclipse takes place on the North Node of the Moon. At a personal level, the North Node is a point that indicates our soul’s growth, the big work we have come here to do. At a mundane level, the day-to-day happenings, it signifies a call for all of us to be forward-thinking. Moreover, as we look to the future, we do so with the new information the eclipse unveils.

A few last things to keep in mind, as powerful as this eclipse will be, we often do not see the full manifestation of an eclipse until we have a New Moon in the sign an Eclipse has occurred. In this case, we are looking to April 30, 2022.

The last time we had a Lunar Eclipse close to this degree of Taurus was November 20, 2002. To understand some of what this one may bring, you may find it helpful to look back at what may have occurred, shifted, and manifested at that time. It will be different, of course, but may have some of the same flavorings.


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

— Alan Watts

Lastly, when looking at your own chart concerning this eclipse, those with Planets, Luminaries, or Angles in the late degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), are likely to experience this eclipse to be more impactful.