Venus and Jupiter as Prima Ballerina

This afternoon Venus and Jupiter will be in perfect alignment, occupying the same part of the zodiac  (27˚ Virgo).  Although the  alignment  happens about once a year, the zodiac sign it happens in differs – and they have not danced together in Virgo since August 1992. Although both planets have been in Virgo more than once since then, their pairing today may result in events that seem to have a thread to 24 years ago.

So what does any of this mean? What can we do with this information?

To start let’s take a look at the parts of this event to see how they are interrelated – this in and of itself is a very Virgo thing to do Virgo love detail and piecing things together.

So we’ve got Venus representing beauty, partnership, our senses and balance (or lack thereof) hanging out with Jupiter denoting power, joy, luck and self-aggrandizing. And they are coming together in Virgo.

To understand how a sign impacts how a planet is expressed, think of a theater gel, the colored plastic that covers a light to change how things on the stage appear. So while Venus is about beauty and partnership it is awash in synthesis and perfection. And Jupiter, optimistic and overindulging is  superimposed with Self-doubt and diligence

When these two come together in Virgo it’s a bit like the prima ballerina. The precision of Virgo paired with the beauty of Venus and the grandiosity of Jupiter. Depending on where in your chart this matchup falls,  just how and in what part of your life you will be called to be and/or interact with the prima-ballerina archetype will vary. Those of you with points and or planets at or near 27˚ Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini are likely to feel this conjunction with the greatest intensity.

And just what is this asking of us? See the beauty and joy in precision – what in your life could use  intentional acts of joy, love, and grace? Take some time to reflect, maybe journal on what things of beauty do you want to bring to you, keep or create in your life and how do those things bring you joy – are they really what you love or what you think you should love. Virgo will help you separate  the wheat from the chaff.