Cosmic Timing – Reboot

So it occurred to me the other night, after having posted my piece on the Full Moon that I need to re-event my blog. I think it’s part of why I’ve been less than stellar in my frequency of post here. See, while I hope that those of you that have read my work here have gotten something out of it, the cookbook generalization of astrology is really 180˚ away from how I work with it as a practitioner. And so while I’ll continue to look at the stars in a somewhat generalized why I’m going to revamp my approach. What can I say it was just the Analytical Full Moon in Virgo, and I feel it impacting me in such a way that I’m being called to access my authenticity. And the given way of being – that it’s the Full or New Moon and so it’s time to post has led to my writing feeling forced.

So now what? I’m going to morph this platform, into a place where you can, yes get information on astrology, but also how and why looking at life events with the additional understanding of cosmic timing is of value to you and the people in your life. After all, it is what I have chosen to name this blog and yet I don’t think I’ve ever explained why it is called Cosmic Timing and how liberating knowing this it can be. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

I have seen in my work the power, the gift, of having a time frame. When things are difficult we are all prone to developing tunnel vision. All too often that which is challenging becomes our singular focus – blinding us to the inevitability of change; failing to see that – “this too shall pass”. The beauty of an astrological perspective is that contrary to popular belief, it does not limit one’s options, but rather highlights them. In astrology, nothing is all bad or good. While the planetary placement may be undisputed (within a given cosmological approach) how we respond to that placement is totally within our control, even if we don’t see it in the moment.

In the coming weeks I’ll write more on this, but for now, I just thought I speak about the need for change. I love to share my knowledge of astrology; I can talk about for hours at a time. But like most all things in my life I can’t do things the typical way. My life has resembled a quote often attributed to Emerson (but yet I’ve never found a primary source to verify it): “Go not where the path may lead go instead where there is no path and forge a trail”. So with that in mind I hope you join me on this bushwhacking journey – let this be our first steps.