Full Moon in Virgo Feb 2016

Tomorrow’s (Feb 22nd at 10:20 AM PST) Full Moon falls at 3˚ Virgo. As it is the Full moon the Sun is spinning at the polarity point in Pisces. Maybe I’m bias, or sensitive do to Virgo’s placement in my own astrology, but I think Virgo tends to get kicked around and looked down upon more then many of the other signs. Yes, Virgo can be critical, usually more self critical then anything. But on the plus side wherever Virgo is in our own astrology, it is a point, a place in our life, where we seek to understand, why we are here, and what we are here to do. And while this may seem to echo Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof: “Every one of us knows who he is and what God expects him to do.” It’s actually quite different – when Virgo sees “tradition” it asks why? Is this really true?  And with it’s opposition to Pisces, the most piously oriented sign of the Zodiac, God’s expectation is not a good enough reason on its own. Virgo longs to KNOW the how, what and why. Like a toddler always asking why the sky is blue, Virgo is sure there is still more to understand.

So what does all this mean? How can understanding what Virgo is about help us with this Full Moon?

Well… as this Moon, which already look quite pregnant Saturday night, shines in opposition to dreaming, romantic mermaid-like Pisces we are called to reflect in a more cerebral, less illusive way. Virgo for all its critical, perfectionist side is really a lover of finding truth. With this month’s Full Moon, we are called (perhaps more then when it is in a less reflective sign) to look back on last years New Moon in Virgo (September 12th 2015 10:40 PM PST) and what we began then, that might be reaching its conclusion (or a stage of completion) in the coming days.

  • What were you doing then?
  • Is there a thread between then and now?

This can be a great time to sit and journal, reflecting on what you are completing, or if you are rapping up a phase of something, looking back as to what did and did not work and/or manifest. In this understanding you can learn how, if need be, you can do things differently in the future.


One of the beautiful things of this New Moon is that dreamy Pisces can soften some of the harshness of the critical eye of Virgo. The Virgo can see where to improve and the Pisces lets you know at some level – it’s all good, no worries – imperfections make you beautiful. Finding them, naming them understanding and then letting go of attachment to that which no longer serves you is all in the air tonight. And all full moons are about letting go in preparation for things to begin again – take a deep breath and let the lucidity of Luna guide your way.

“Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.”

– Lenard Cohen