A Christmas Cancer Full Moon

There’s nothing that is particularly auspicious about the December Full Moon falling on Christmas, despite the various post going around that the two have not fallen on the same night since 1977. Having said that, it is a beautiful reflection of what many will be doing in the coming days.


The Moon is linked to our emotions and how comfortable we feel in out own skin. As a result, many people find their emotional bandwidth altered when the Moon is Full. This tends to be particularly true when the Moon is in Cancer as the Moon has a natural relationship with the sign. The addition of the holiday may add fuel to your emotions and just how much this moon impacts you. The holidays, are by there nature, often an emotional time for people and the Moon and the sign of Cancer are both associated with Home and Family – something many people focus on at this time of year. I myself am writing this while sitting in the airport in Amsterdam waiting for a plane to go and see family.


With the Full Moon tomorrow this Christmas is likely to be anything but mundane and uneventful. Given that emotions are likely to be running high, just by virtue of the season, and we all tend to regress several decades as soon as we are back with our family of origin. The addition of the Full Moon will both shine a light on our feelings and a longing to be with family (be they biological or chosen). Dorothy’s now over used quote “There’s no place like home” may feel more true this year then years past. And yet as Full Moons are about culmination there may also be a sense of another famous quote “You can never go home again”. We may feel called to be with family, but what we find may be different then we are anticipating. This does not have to be a bad or hard thing, it’s simply about a faze and chapter coming to and end so that a new one can begin.


As a sign Cancer also loves to feel cozy. Curling up by the fire with loved ones with delicious smells wafting from the kitchen can be paradise for Cancer. And with the Full Moon hanging out in the nurturing sign hold space for compassion, for your self and others. Make some good and nurturing foods and make your home warm and inviting – to you and others.  It should be a place you can return to and decompress. Use the culminating energy of the Full Moon to clear away that which is not nurturing and compassionate. As Cancer is a water sign the Moon conducts the tides take some time tomorrow to take a bubble bath or long shower – think of this Full Moon as a lead-in into the New Year.  Here’s to the beauty of change.


Happy Holidays to all,

Light and laughter from Gate D27