April 7th

Currently a great deal of the visible planets are in sign of Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac  Aries has a great deal to do with initiation and drive. With  so many planets spinning in this sign we may find ourselves unusually busy,  seeking to get a great deal.   it can be good to make use of this energy, this drive to accomplish things but be careful not to push so hard that you burn out.

With Venus and Mars both in Aries and  currently conjunct, or occupying the same degrees of the zodiac,  you may be experiencing a passionate drive to go after what you want  out of life.   Venus, the goddess of love and beauty also represents what we value and need to feel secure.  Mars, the god of the quest,  is a seeker and warrior who represents drive and ambition.  With these two celestial bodies in the same part of the zodiac we see them profoundly influencing one another.  We may find ourselves wanting to act quickly and go after what it is we want, striving for the things we love and value. Although  having initiative and going after what we want in life is frequently beneficial, with such a concentration of planets in Aries it would be wise to bear in mind that you are not seeking something – going after something simply for the sake of accomplishment. Make sure that what you are going after is something you actually want. For in a few weeks when things slow down a bit, as many of these planets ingress, or move into Taurus, our values will be highlighted.

Are you going to want what you have acquired?  Have your actions been in line with your values or  Did you get so caught up in recognition and accomplishment that you lost touch with what you were truly seeking? If you can work with both these energies now in a positive way, where you are unattached to the outcome fantastic things may manifest.

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