March 13th

For the last several weeks several planets have been spinning in Pisces. As a result of having much of the sky in this dreamy watery sign you may  be feeling a bit more hazy and spacey than usual. Of course the beauty of so much of the sky in Pisces is it’s a magnificent opportunity for imagination to flourish, and with much of the sky still there is a great opportunity to deepen any meditative or spiritual practices.

Beginning on 2 February, up until yesterday evening (PDT)  Mars  was also in Pisces. Mars is the God of action, in our birth charts he indicates where we get our drive; our ability to go after what we want in life. While he was in Pisces it may have felt very difficult to get things done- a bit like trying to run through water to get to a destination. Having now ingressed, or moved into, the sign of Aries things may start to move. As the ruler of Aries Mars can be very happy here, ready to get a lot done, and get it done quickly. The one thing to be cautious of is to not overextend, overdue. This shift from the lethargy that can occur with Pisces, into the action oriented behavior of Aries can lead to burnout if you’re not careful. You may be so glad things are moving again, that you can take on too much too fast. While it may feel fantastic to see things getting accomplished be careful to pace yourself so you don’t run out of steam.

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