Finding New Ways to Survive the Crazy: Uranus Retrograde

Feeling like the world has gone and fallen off its axes? You’re not alone, and … metaphorically you’re not wrong.

Innumerable things are at their proverbial tipping point; where things must change or end. Over the weekend the planet Uranus, representative of all things, rebellious, revolutionary and unexpected turned on its heels and began (from our view on earth) to move backward, or retrograde, through the sky. Unlike Mercury that dances backward for about 3-weeks, 3 times a year Uranus is retrograde until the end of 2016.

As this god of the unexpected retraces his steps through the sky, many of us may feel the call, to quote Hamilton: to “Rise up”. The sense of urgency for change has begun a quickening and the backburner-ing of things we need and want to change has become a burden onto itself.

And it’s true that the state of the world is in seeming chaos. You cannot turn on the news, or log into Facebook without being bombarded with one crazy event after another. And while the Uranus retrograde will in no way halt the crazy, and may even amp things up as Uranus likes to be contrarian, it may also help us gain perspective and understanding, so we can navigate without a map.

Change is needed in our world. More things than I could possibly describe here are in desperate need of reinvention, revision and releasing. Change can be unnerving, particularly when we are unclear where and what the change will lead to. But all is not lost. Use these next 5 months to embrace the freedom that change can bring.  It is the only constant in life, so why not turn into the skid.