Love is The Way Through

I wrote what is below about a week ago – but  I was also in the process of a website relaunch and I’ve not been able to post it until now – I will write more soon, as in the aftermath of the vote in the UK,\ yesterday, there is more to say about the astrology of the moment. What you find below is related, but was written in response to the events in Orlando. And given the gravity of that event I am compelled to still post this,  for despite the lag, it is still relevant.

One of the questions I am most frequently asked in regards to astrology is if there is something going on the sky that reflects, sheds light on, or explains all craziness that is happening in the world. The answer is Yes; but unfortunately this truth is not always reassuring, or comforting. Nor is it always in our best interest to talk about difficulty; at least without also looking to some other things as well.

For me, right now, I do not want to look to the sky to try and explain the tragic events of last weekend. For me this somehow dishonors the depth of the grief that so many are awashed with. At this time, when hearts are raw, intellectualizing the tragedy by way of astrological phenomena is not what I am called to speak to. And so, while I too am heartbroken, and flabbergasted at those in my country who fail to hear the all too common wake-up-call for the need for change, I am not going to look to the sky to explain why gun violence is an ever escalating event in the United States. Right now I just can’t spend my life force on looking into the ways in which the astrology of the moment is reflecting the social-cultural and political antecedents of an atrocity. Instead I am choosing to look to the sky to see how to heal, and help others do the same. I choose to look to the cosmos to see how I can open my heart, while it is braking. To look for clues as to how I can go forth with love, trust and faith in my fellow humans- while still demanding accountability and proactive substantive change. And while there is value in understanding the astrology of an event, such heady disembodied-ness will not heal hearts.

So what do I see in the sky, where do I look to heal? Right now the Sun and Venus are rising and setting in the sky so close together that the planet Venus cannot be seen; the light of the Sun has obscured her from view. These two celestial bodies have momentarily, metaphorically, merged. And so the brilliant light of the Sun, or core energy, the chi, that we access to stay alive, is at one with love. For some this can be a time of not seeing love – as the brilliance of the Sun as overpowered the less powerful blue light the Venusian planet. But for others, for many, our capacity for love has merged with the power of the Sun, shining love and hope into every shadowed corner of the hearts of the fearful. To quote the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acceptance speech at the Tony’s only hours after the massacre in Orlando:

“Remembrance that hope and love lasts long. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.”

As the planet Venus moves ahead of the Sun in the sky, coming slowly back in to view in July, she will shine on her own. And as an evening star, that is setting after the Sun, she will cast her loving blue light of love, hope and values into the darkness of the night. And thus the ease of access to love will grow, and become more singular in its purpose; helping us all to heal.