Love is The Way Through

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One of the questions I am most frequently asked in regards to astrology is if there is something going on the sky that reflects, sheds light on, or explains all craziness that is happening in the world. The answer is Yes; but unfortunately this truth is not always reassuring, or comforting.

Venus Retrograde 2015

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Venus goddess of love, beauty and partnership will turn on her heals, appearing to move backward through the zodiac, from July 25th until Sept 17th. The idea of Mercury Retrograde (Rx) is reaching a colloquial tipping point, in the Western World’s lexicon, has resulted in frequent misconceptions as to what means when a planet is […]

Mars in Cancer

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Mars and the Sun have been conjunct, or in relatively the same part of the sky as one another, give or take 2 degrees of the zodiac, since the second week in June, with both the Sun and Mars in Gemini at the time. With the arrival of the Solstice the Sun is now in […]