Full Moon in Gemini 2014

“Oh I have to say how I feel right now … oh but wait is that really how I feel?”


Saturday’s full moon in Gemini happens so early in the morning here on the West Coast that it will look full tonight. As the Full Moon is always in the opposite sign of the Sun both talkative Gemini and forward thinking, optimistic, Sagittarius will be front and center in our experience this weekend.

The moon is about our emotions and emotional experience in the world. Adding Gemini to the mix may bring about experiences of having conflicting emotions. Gemini is the twin, and is frequently associated with duality and impatience. Heady and intellectual by nature, the Gemini Full Moon may call us to express our emotions, but just as quickly talk ourselves out of doing so.

With this Full Moon occurring at 14° if you have any planets or significant points in the middle of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) you may feel this heady, impulsive Full Moon more strongly then others.

This year the full moon in Gemini occurs at the same time that Mercury is nearly conjunct (or in the same place) as the Sun. This repeated archetype of communication is likely to heighten our desire to give voice to our emotional experience. Any Full Moon is about culmination. Thus with this one we will likely be called to communicate about things that have been building for sometime. The added energy of Mercury is only going to heighten our call to do so.

I’ve written before about how the Full moon is about  , and that it is a visual representation of the culmination of energy that has been building since the New Moon. To that end it may be helpful to reflect ton these questions.

  • What is it that you are feeling but have resisted, held back, internalized?
  • What might it be like to give that voice, even if it’s only to yourself in a journal?
  • How might the act of giving voice to that change how you feel?
    Are your moods like the tides ebbing and flowing over time?
  • Do you go with that flow?
  • Or do you get caught in a riptide of thought and emotion unable to see your way out?

If you feel so called journal on these things there is great power in just giving something voice – use this moon to your advantage- and see what comes.


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