Capricorn New Moon 2014

A Solstice New Moon.

This year the longest night of the year (in the Northern half of the globe) will be unusually dark, as it lines up with the Capricorn New Moon.

Tonight as many of us light the candles of Menorahs or illuminate Christmas tree we find ourselves on a night of transition.

This solstice is always a powerful time to set our intentions for the coming year. The tradition of New Years resolutions goes back to Babylon, and although it is still 10 days way this Solstice New Moon is a fantastic time to make a list of the changes we want to make in the year to come.

Because this year the solstice happens to fall on the same night as the Capricorn New Moon, we have additional support from the universe to call things to us, and release those things that no longer serve our greater good. As I have written about before any New Moon is about new beginnings, rebirths and renewals.

So how does the Capricorn moon differ from the other New Moons we have had this year?

As a sign Capricorn is associated with the planet Saturn. The archetype of Saturn, as it relates to Capricorn has a lot to do with authority, power, control, discipline, and constriction.

We can tend to see these words in a negative light. However, one of the things this solstice New Moon can bring into our lives is opportunity to transform and redefining our relationship with these things.


  • Authority, when it is not authoritative can be powerfully compassionate.
  • Owning your power when you tend to be too passive is life changing.
  • When things are in a state of chaos, taking control can lead to finding equilibrium in one’s life.
  • Discipline evens the keel of the ship of procrastination.
  • And constriction can stop you from over-doing, and taking on too much; boundaries are healthy when they’re not walls.

Under the dark light of the New Moon a candle and ask for those Capricornian things you wish to have a new relationship with in the coming year. Let go of attachment and see what comes your way.

 Happy Solstice





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