Venus in Aquarius 2015

Value and relationship focused Venus entered striving to be different and community oriented Aquarius today – where she will be until the 27th of the month. This shift out of methodical and determined  Capricorn is bound to shake things up for many of us.

Over the next several weeks we may find our selves called to unconventional, eccentric relationships and friendships. We may me to do things differently then we have before, and perhaps even with someone new. In some ways Venus being here at the birth of a new year can support us to actualize those resolutions as Aquarius is all about the new, the different, the braking up of old ways. With the added support of the goddess of values, love and partnership we may place more value on making changes, and perhaps find we have the support of partners and friends to do so.

Venus in Aquarius will have the largest impact on those of us with planets and/or points in the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

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