October Lunar Eclipse 2014

Lunar eclipses are notorious for bringing in funky energy, as in a matter of hours we experience both a full and a New Moon. Thus things are both ending and birthing into beginning at the same time.

Wednesday’s October 8th lunar eclipse will most definitely play this out. Occurring in the wee hours of the morning here on the West coast of the United States the whole of this, total Lunar Eclipse will be visible. If you are in a part of the world were the Sun is too high in the sky to see this eclipse, you are by no means exempt from its impact. Eclipses, bye their very nature, both hide and reveal things. This eclipse is occurring with the Sun in relationship focused Libra and the Moon in singularly focused Aries. Consequently relationships and one’s own sense of personal power are likely to come into heightened focus at this time.

We have some extra-added figures in play with this eclipse, both complicating and intensifying our experience with this time of shadows and illumination. As with all full Moons we have the Sun and Moon in opposition. However, Venus is conjunct, or in relatively the same place in the sky as the Sun and Uranus is conjunct the Moon. The addition of Venus to the mix intensifies the relationship focus of the eclipse. The addition of the trickster, Uranus, amps up the unexpected, and revealing of the unknown that eclipses are notorious for. Although the eclipse it self lasts only a few hours, we are likely to feel the impact of some things in our lives being hidden from view while other, perhaps long obscured aspects step out from behind the curtain.



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