Mercury Rx Oct. 2014

Ugh, you may be thinking, Mercury retrograde is upon us once again. It’s that often dreaded time of year when trickster Mercury heads backward in the sky. As the god of communication and ruler of technology, his time of backward motion is notorious for brake downs in communication and technology.

Mercury goes retrograde (Rx) on 10/4/2014 at 10:02 AM PDT in Scorpio, a sign known for its intensity. Getting to only 2 degrees (out of 30) of Scorpio before he turns on he’s heals; we hardly have time to integrate the transformative communication Mercury in Scorpio brings before we have to rethink it all. With his return to Libra the sign of relationships and seeker of harmony on the 10th , how we communicate or fail to communicate with others close to us comes into the forefront of our awareness.

Libra is associated with all kinds of partnerships – personal and professional- and it is in this arena most of this retrograde occurs. Likewise Mercury Rx in the sign of the scales may have you rethink what you consider fair and just; are all voices being heard?

During this time you may find you’re having the same conversation with your partner you had just a view weeks ago.

Whether you are partnered or single you are likely to rethink what you want in a partnership, and what you want partnership to look like. Has your idea of what makes an equal partnership changed lately? With this Mercury Rx conjunct the Sun on the 16th , and Venus not far away, this call to rethink your relationships and how you are in them is likely to be particularly strong on or near that day.

Although this time has a reputation of dread, there are ways to use this inverted energy to your advantage. While it is a time that is ill advised to sign contracts, it can be a fantastic time to reevaluate them, go back over them and see what may have changed in the time since they were first signed. When any planet is Rx, it is an opportunity to “Re-” the archetype with which it is associated. So with the god of communication in reverse we re-think, re-write, re-converse. The more you work with the Rx the less likely you are to feel derailed by it, applying the Aikido principles of non-resistance and redirection of energy. If you don’t get a hang of this retrograde right away no need to fret, you get until the 25th to re-think it all again.


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