New Moon in Libra 2014

New Moons always signal a time of new beginnings and initiations- a hitting of the reset button of life’s events. Tonight’s New Moon, in Libra at 11:13 PM PDT, comes just a day after we in the Northern hemisphere spun into Fall, with the Autumn Equinox having occurred some 24hours before.

The combination of this day of equanimity – between light and dark – and the darkened moon may lead to our desires for partnership, balance and fairness to feel more compelling then we are accustom. So too the fact this New Moon is at 1° Libra makes it that much stronger.

One of the gifs of any New Moon is we are given an opportunity to do things in a new way. With Libra a the helm this time it may be helpful to explore some of these questions:


  • Are there ways you are in relationship that no longer serve you?
  • Are there areas of your life, your partnerships where you are failing to care for yourself or ask for what you need?
  • Libra is represented by The Scales: where have your relationships become imbalanced?
  • How balanced is your life over all? Do you make time for work and play? What about meditation, or just giving yourself a minute or two of your day to do nothing but just sit and quietly breathe?
  • Are there new ways you would like to walk it the world, in regards to partnership, balance, and internal/external harmony?

If so work with this New Moon. Write down the new ways of being you would like to undertake. Libra is an air sign and is thus empowered by the written and spoken word. In addition to writing down these affirmations, invocations, of new ways of being in and responding to the world read the list aloud. It does not need to be shared with friends or family, for it may be inappropriate to do so. If you need a quiet place to send you list to the cosmos go in the bathroom and run the water so that only the gods can hear you, as you name the change you wish to make in your life. Just giving something voice can be remarkably powerful when it comes to evoking change.


Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning”. Maya Angelou

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