Summer Solstice -(northern hemisphere) 2014

In just under12 hours the Sun will again be in the sign of Cancer, marking the first Day of Summer, here in the Northern Hemisphere. With Mercury still retrograde, until the 1st of July, these early days of summer may be a bit on the chaotic side. Added to the fact that although Mercury is back in Gemini for a few weeks its proximity to the sun on the solstice is likely to impact the season.

The Sun’s month long stay in watery, emotionally motivated Cancer is likely to mark a time when emotions and emotional responses to our environment are heightened. While the Mercury retrograde is notorious or miscommunication; with these two things happening at once it is wise to be ware that we may be more reactionary to the miscommunication that is occurring. Taking the time to think before you speak can lessen impatient Mercury in Gemini when trying to get your thoughts across. And spending time in and/or by bodies of water can help your emotional equilibrium.

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