Forward On: All the sky direct

You may have heard that  for the next few weeks all major celestial bodies are moving forward (i.e. nothing is Rx)

So what the heck does this mean?

Most people, if they know about retrogrades at all, often don’t know more then Mercury Rx (of which we only came out of yesterday).

In an effort to neither dumb down the idea of retrograde planets, or get way heady and academic I’ll say this: Think of a Retrograde as placing the prefix “Re” in front of the planets symbolic and/or archetypal meaning. So when Mercury is Rx we RE- think, RE- write etc. We are called to RE-view and examine what we have already done and often find we have to do it again, go back over; which can be great or aggravating depending on the situation.

A planet being retrograde is tied to the distance it is to earth, and all planets have an elliptical orbit. So more often than not something is retrograde. But not right now. For about a month, when Jupiter goes retrograde on Feb. 6th, all planets are moving forward.

This forward energy, is just that, helping us to move forward. It’s a time to start things anew (the review will come later). What have you been putting off because it never felt like the right time? Might it be the right time now?

One of thing that is good to be aware of at this time is all this forward energy can lead to overdoing. We are so glad to finally have the ankle weights off we are tripping over our feet. We can, in our over-exuberance reach burn-out. So yes get things going, but keep your self-care upfront and center. Get things going, doing what pulls the heartstrings of the soul, and keep checking in with yourself.

2016 was a doozy of a year for many of us, so with the universe calling us forward to use Meryl Streep’s quote at the Golden Globes – quoting the late Carie Fisher:


“Take your broken heart, make it into art.”