Everything Seems Sideways

I know as an astrologer I shouldn’t be surprised by the wackiness that can take place when Mercury is Rx. But honestly, I cannot recall a Mercury Rx that was quite so over the top. And not just for me. This past week has been a flood of clients, friends, and family experiencing technological, and communication craziness. And as I posted early in the week I too have fallen victim of the trickster and his devious ways.

Stories have ranged from websites crashing, attachments in emails going unseen, a pick-up truck being stolen (only to be found a day later), luggage left not at the airport by the airline but at home by the traveler, relationships imploding due (in part) to crappy communication, and my own 5 hour adventure to find an emissions testing location that was open and had working equipment to run the test – that once done still resulted in their printer not working and having to take a picture with my phone so that I have a receipt. And good lord we are only a few days into this Rx. Retrogrades to tend to be the most intense at their start and just as they end, so hopefully it will ease as we all take to the air and road this holiday weekend.

The gift of this Rx is that we get to re-think about how we think of structure, order, authority. And to some extent how we think about time.

How have your views of these things helped you? How have they held you back from speaking your truth? Where in your life can you speak with more conviction? Where in your life have you been dogmatic with your ideas and communication? Do you make room within yourself to listen to the voices of others? Welcoming others to a conversation does not diminish your authority on a topic, in fact admitting that you do not know everything and that others bring things to the table you cannot, and vise versa, is a point of strength and what it means to truly stand in authority.

There also seems to be something about this Mercury Rx placed in Capricorn, that is about being patient. Quicksilver, speedy Mercury is backtracking in the sign connected to Father Time.

I did get the test done it just took most of the day, and websites will work again, the content of the luggage will be reunited with its owner, the stolen truck was found – it just all taking more time then we may want. So try not to rush give yourself extra time to get somewhere – worst case your early on kill time on Facebook.

Mercury goes direct on the 9th of Jan. But will still be in the shadow until the 15th – Just in time for Venus to start her backward dance through the sky. More on that latter.