Full Moon in Pisces: Swimming with the Mermaids

Yay Mercury is now direct (i.e. no longer retrograde) everything is going to get easier; right? Well kinda sorta maybe…

First off, we’re still in the shadow. That is Mercury will be making-up ground and not fully giving voice to the new until the 19th, so don’t be surprised if you’re still needing to re-due things for the next few weeks.

As sometimes happens, we’re in a succession of astrological line-ups. Just Mercury has started to move forwarded Mars as moved out of passionate, creative and temperamental Leo into precise, exacting and critical Virgo. Is the planet that governs achievement we will all be requiring more data before we take action. This switch in motivation is occurring at the exact same location in the zodiac as the solar eclipse. The activation of this point in the zodiac will re-energize it, like a spotlight on a stage it becomes re-animated and more secrets, both conscious and unconscious, will soon be revealed.

This moment in time also aligns with the full Moon in Pisces. Full Moons are always times of release. The Moon has reached a climax and she will slowly begin her descent, as she wanes in size over the next two weeks. This culmination of lunar energy-takes place in the sign of the fishes. The sign of the unconscious, the Dreamtime the spiritual realm and all that has yet to become manifest. Pisces Moons are always powerful as it creates a thinning of the veil – a time where it is easier for one to connect with their own divinity. This particular full moon will be additionally palpable as it will be conjunct Neptune. Neptune was the god of the sea, the Dreamtime and things that have yet to come into being. In astrology, Neptune is the planet archetypically and thematically associated with Pisces. As a result, this full moon is unusually powerful.

The exact Full Moon is at 3:02 AM EDT on the 6th of September so it is an energy you can work with both tonight and tomorrow.

It is a time of letting go to make room for the new. What have you been holding on to that no longer supports you on your journey? Are you ready to let them go? Wright down a list of thigs that are no longer serving you and find a safe place to burn it. As it burns ask the divine, spirt, the god/goddess for support as you embark on a new journey. If there is a guide or spiritual teacher you work with you can ask them for support as you make this transition having released old ways to make room for the new and yet to be discovered. Next, take a long bath or shower and wash away the life you no longer want. When you step out of the water adorn yourself with a body oil or cream, luxuriating in the new you. Have a cup of tea and relax, meditate or journal for a bit.

Whatever resistance comes up about what it is you are releasing is all a part of the journey; acknowledge it and let it go – there is no judgment, no need for perfection. All that is required is to take each step as it comes. Life may not change overnight, but the first step toward that change, is just that, just a step. Let go and see what is waiting for you when you make even just a little room for the new.