Full Moon in Taurus: Grounded Transformation

It’s remarkable how fast this year has gone. Somehow Saturday the 4th of November will be the second to last Full Moon of the year. According to The Farmer’s Almanac the Algonquin, an indigenous tribe of North America, referred to this Moon as the Beaver Moon. As with all symbolism, Beaver is many things, they are in part about the interplay of Earth and Water. How perfect for this Full Moon when the Moon is in the earth sign of Taurus, and the Sun is in the water sign of Scorpio. Also, Beaver is a doer, achiever, and protector and this too overlaps with Taurus. Like Taurus, Beaver is also loyal; knowing one’s ability to get a job done is interrelated to the ways in which others contribute and work well together. Anyone who has ever tried to get rid of a beaver dam knows how these woodland creatures are as tenacious and stubborn as a bull, rebuilding their home over and over again.

To more fully understand working with this Full Moon lets unpack Taurus a bit more. One of the many things that Taurus is about is how comfortable, or not, we are in our own bodies. A sign that is interrelated with the planet Venus, Taurus is linked to our sensory interaction with the world.

  • Is your bed too hard or too soft?
  • Is your wool sweater itchy or cozy?
  • Are you feeling bloated or dehydrated, overheated or chilled?

On the day of this Full Moon our emotional balance, or lack thereof, will be deeply tied to our physical environment; be that environment our home, work or our own bodies’. So being in a place, space, that supports you will help you to make the most of this Moon.

On the Full Moon in Taurus we are looking to find that middle ground between stable, consistent Taurus and deeply transformational Scorpio; what do we want to build and what do we want to transform? This call to stabilize transition can be helpful to all of us at this time. With the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury all in Scorpio the inner pull to sojourn into the depth of ourselves, or alternatively deflect that call for change at any cost is strong. This Saturday’s Full Moon can help you assess those things that may need adaptation and not just be in reaction. This Taurus Moon will assist us in finding the value of transformation, helping us to avoid the pitfall of changing just for the sake of change.

If you can, at this full Moon spend some time in nature. I often tell clients who are born with the Moon in Taurus that the key to getting back into emotional balance is to go to nature; get their hands in the dirt. And this is true for all of us under this Moon. Connection with nature comes in many forms; it can be walking in the woods, a park, or by the sea; spending time in your garden or with a favorite animal. The key is to connect, re-connect with the energy of the earth and the natural world. In so doing if there are things that are needing to end or transform in your life you will find the grounding to know what they are and the fortitude to walk through the transition and emerge on the other side.

Additionally, Taurus also rules the throat. Therefore, with this Full Moon, we may feel a strong urge to give voice to our emotions. Speaking once truth is of extreme value and importance. And this Moon can support all of us in doing so. However, because our emotions are likely to feel larger than we typically experience them, it is of equal importance that we are grounded in our communication so that the expression of our emotions is able to be heard and not simply reacted to. All the same, it is a fantastic time to give voice to your feelings; this Moon is supporting us to give value – recognize the value in our emotional experiences.



Full Moon is at 11˚ 53′ of Taurus on Nov. 4th, 2017 1:23 AM (EDT)