Helping While Home-bound

Like many around the world, I find myself sheltering-in-place. And in these unprecedented times, I have spent a lot of time turning inward to see where and how I can be of most help. To be honest, when life first began on the trajectory, we now find ourselves, I became a little frantic in my desire to be of help to family, friends, neighbors, clients, and students. In those early days, that feel like 4-months, not 4-weeks ago, I created a two-page list of all the classes I was going to develop and launch in a week. All of this was not, because life is now online as never before, and I needed to generate a new source of income. I already work primarily online. No, this franticness was a siren-call to help people cope with their anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. In addition to all the classes I was sure I could write and market in a week, I had another page, or so, listing every kind of virtual gathering I could think of that would help folks remain social but distant. For me, rather than diving headfirst into panic buying, I launched into almost manic care-giving. Being, as my cousin Christie Rosen describes in her book Empowering the Sensitive Soul, a sensitive soul, I am acutely aware of how this time is emotionally and spiritually crippling for people all over the world. And, given it is my nature to help, my first instinct is to support as many people as possible. However, like anything in life, operating in overdrive is not viable in the long run; one cannot sprint for the same distance they can walk without burnout.

Since this pandemic began, I have had the good fortune to be connected with a group of fellow helpers and healers with whom I did a training last year. A few weeks ago, at the prompt of one of the members, we gathered to be a source of support to one another and the collective. What was going to be a one-off, has morphed into a weekly gathering and meditation. For each of us, this group has become both a touchstone of support and a way to contribute to all beings on the planet. When so many are caught in the riptide of overwhelm, having this group of healers and fellow lightworkers, is helping each of us discover, with renewed clarity, the role’s we are called to play at this time; and moreover, how these roles contribute to the world – in big, and not so big ways.

One of the things that became clear for me in reconnecting with this group was my slightly manic approach to helping others was not the best use of my time, energy, or gifts. I can and should help my clients, students, neighbors, and loved ones. But I do not need to write 2 books and launch a dozen classes to help people manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, these dozen classes do not need to exist in various versions, applying to numerous age groups and socio-economic demographics. Nor do these classes need to serve as a resource to help me develop yet further material as to how to help people in the future; when the next pandemic or catastrophic natural disaster occurs. What the H E Double Hockey stick was I thinking? Just typing this makes me winded.

When I reconnected with this group and took a moment to drop-in and get in touch with myself, it became clear that although there will be a time when I create more classes and write multiple books, now is not that time. Now is the time for me to do what I already do, to teach what I already teach. This …  this is the work that feeds my soul. My being there for people in the way that comes to me with gentleness and ease. And if I am full in this way, I am not depleted or overextended; I am satiated,  able not just to maintain but to thrive. There will be time enough, in the future, for all those other things to take shape and fly. But for now, I have plenty to offer the world.

So. I’m here. If you want to book an astrology consultation, let me know, I’ve worked over the phone and Skype for close to two decades. While I may not be able to tell you the day, you can go back to your favorite restaurant and sit down for a leisurely meal. I can provide insight as to how you can best cope at this period, and what you may be able to learn about yourself in this time of seemingly forced self-reflection. Additionally, astrology can provide insight with regards to how you can make the most out of this time. And by most, I don’t mean how to be the most productive; my earlier franticness was not in my, or anyone’s best interest. By making the most of this time, really, I mean quite the opposite. In looking at your astrology, you can gain clarity with regards to what to prioritize, what needs your attention, and what can wait. Alternatively, you may just need to connect and not feel lost and alone. Here too astrology has much to offer. For although we each have our own story and experience with this challenging time, we are all connected. As they say in Lakota (the language of the Sioux), Mitakuye Oyasin, “We are all related.” So, reach out if you could use some guidance and support. I am here. And the stars always have a story to tell. 

Be well. And remember, there is still joy in the world. Love, light, and laughter to all beings everywhere. 

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”― Archbishop Desmond Tutu