January 25th

Venus may only be retrograde for a few more days but there are a lot more retrogrades to come. Mercury will be turning backwards February 6th and not move forward until Feb. 28th.

Although not as potent as the retrograde itself, he is already in the shadow of this upcoming retrograde. And you may have already started to notice a breakdown in communication and technology. Simply put the shadow is the part of the sky Mercury will go back over, return to, when he is retrograde.

Before he actually turns on his heels be sure to back up your computers in the event that something goes wonky.

During this retrograde he will be going back-and-forth between unconventional Aquarius and dreamy Pisces, and we may find it difficult to get our points across the next several weeks. Mercury retrograde is always a time to reflect and re-think, re–communicate things we have already thought and said.

With this retrograde, taking place in both Pisces and Aquarius, you may find yourself unable to think as clearly as you would like. In general Mercury in Pisces can find it difficult to give words to thought, as Piscen thinking is typically rather abstract &  Mercury retrograde only compounds the issue. Mercury in Aquarius always want to say things in a new, and perhaps shocking way, when he’s retrograde you may be unaware that other people are not following your train of thought, or you my unintentionally insult someone.

In general don’t be surprised if people misunderstand you at this time. Try navigating your own murky thought process through creativity. Art and poetry maybe some of your biggest allies during this retrograde.

As was always a Mercury retrograde try to avoid signing contracts, buying any electronics or book travel plans – as  retrograde can make it challenging to see things clearly.

It is a great time to review or edit anything you have been working on, as was doing so is taking advantage of the energy Murcuery retrograde brings.


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