June 21st

Happy Solstice. For those of you here in the Northern Hemisphere we now find our selves in Summer, with those below the equator having just entered Winner. This new phase for all of us began last night (PDT). However whether we find ourselves in the mountains of Peru or the rocky beaches of Mane the Sun is now in the sign of Cancer for all of us.

While when the Sun was in Gemini a lot of our focus and attention was directed toward communication, the Sun’s ingress into the most maternal sign of the zodiac asks us to go inward – to nurture both ourselves and those around us.

On this the longest day of the year, here in the North, spend some time taking care of yourself and reflect on the communication of the past 30 days. Cancer rules the stomach so make yourself and your loved ones a lovely meal, nurturing your senses as you go into the weekend.

Cancer is a water sign. If you live near a body of water take some time to walk or sit beside it allowing yourself the gift of self-care that can all too often fall to the wayside. If you don’t or even if you do- take a bath or an indulgently long shower – engage with the element; embodying its natural sense of flow in change into your daily interactions with the world.

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