September 11th

Venus moved into Scorpio last night, where she will dance until the first week of October. Venus is representative of what and how we love; our relationship to beauty both our own and those around us.Like all the water signs, Scorpio is driven by emotion. Perhaps the most intense sign of the zodiac Scorpio experiences things to extremes, and does nothing halfway.
While Venus does her yearly dance through this sign we may find that our values and desires become much more intense and acute. The superficiality that can sometimes manifest when Venus is in other signs falls to the wayside when she is in Scorpio. The extremes that are indicative of Scorpio are likely to find their way into how we behave and respond to others for the next month.

We may find ourselves acting, and reacting in almost instinctual manner, rather than in a preplanned way. As such it would be good to keep in mind that we may all be on the sensitive side for the next four weeks or so – strive to go into the depth of your experiences rather that trying to resist them. Work to be cognizant of the fact that we may all have a tendency, a vulnerability, to be more judgmental of other peoples values at this time. Sometimes just being aware of this vulnerability can help one to mitigate its possibility.

Venus, as an archetype, is deeply interwoven with values. Scorpio, with all of its intensity, is about the necessity for transformation. While Venus is in Scorpio she is asking us to consider what values are no longer serving us, what is it that is in your best interest to let go of so that you may go forward into the world in the most loving way possible. Where has your sense of love and loyalty for self and others impeded your own ability to in body your full potential. Venus’s visit into Scorpio provides you the opportunity to go into the depth of your own being and through loving transformation reemerge when she spins forward into fiery Sagittarius in October.

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