New Moon in Pisces – healing, dreams, and the siren song.

New Moons are times of new beginnings. This month’s New Moon is at 27˚ Pisces on March 17th at 9:11 AM EDT. Pisces, the sign of the two fishes is majestically interwoven into the dream time and all things that are non-tangible.

Pisces governs all things malleable, other dimensional. It rules our feet and is thus tide to how grounded or not we may be. And thus, can be linked to escapists behavior – be that excess libations, binging Netflix or spiritual bypassing (that is using spiritual principles/practices to avoid honestly looking or taking accountability for the less comfortable parts of our lives).

Spiritual bypassing takes the spiritual notion of “Forgive them they know not what they do” to the extreme, absolving one of unkind and or inappropriate behavior. The universal Love, the divine, the goddess force that is the highest expression of Pisces, can sometimes see the beauty of one’s spirit so strongly that it avoids looking at the human imperfection.

There is not anything wrong in acknowledging the purity and beauty of our own and others spirit, but imperfections are part-and-parcel to being human. And If we are to lead authentic lives all parts of ourselves and that of others in our lives but be allowed to co-exist.

This particular New Moon is also tied into Chiron the wounded healer, that part of us that is most gifted to help where we ourselves have encountered pain and difficulty. It’s that part of us that has the capacity to transmute pain into healing. Chiron spends years in an astrological sign having first entered Pisces back in 2010. The fact that he lines up with this New Moon means that some of what is beginning, some of what we can lay the foundation for is tied to healing things tied to the Piscean archetype.

Pisces also about romance, music, and poetry. As you make your New Moon wishes (the technique developed by the late astrologer Jan Spiller) this month think about all the nuances that dwell within Pisces. Here are a few examples to get you started.


I want to have better boundaries between _________ and myself.
I want my meditations to deepen.
I want to not fall into escapist and avoidant behavior so easily.
I want to feel renewed inspirations to play music/dance/ express myself creatively.
I want to see my love relationships with honesty and not fantasy.
I want my lack of clarity around _________ to be lifted.
I want my connections to the Divine/God/ Spirit to deepen and expand.
I want to have any Spiritual bypassing that I am partaking in to be lifted from me.