Your Astrological Sign and What it Has to Offer the rest of Us

About a month ago a reporter posted that they were looking for an astrologer to write something up about the good side of each Sun sign (that is “your sign” that you would read in the newspaper) and what they have to offer/ teach the rest of us.

In general, I find the oversimplification of astrology (Sun sign astrology) to be part of the problem with the gross misunderstanding of my field. But this inquiry was better than a lot of what I see out there, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I only learned about the inquiry on the day of the deadline. While I waited for a response from the reporter on more detail about their request, I worked on the copy in between clients. But by 5:30 PM that day I had not heard back and still had a few more signs to write about; so a just stoped where I was, and let it be.

Then yesterday, while going through some files I stumbled upon the 500 some words I had written- having stopped just before Capricorn. And given that I’m due to post a thing or two and it seems silly to waste all this work I’m just making it into a blog post.  Happy reading 🙂

Like the Ram that is its symbol, Aries is driven and determined. Associated with the planet Mars (the Roman God of war and the quest) Aries is forward thinking, self-sufficient and action-oriented. It is the first sign of the Zodiac and therefore is seen as an initiator – first in line, they help us to be ambitious and proactive.


The unmoving Bull is deeply loyal and has grate stick-to-it-ness. Associated with the planet Venus (the Roman Goddess of love and beauty) Taurus loves the natural world; animals and nature and tends to have a good eye for beauty and aesthetic. They are deeply impacted by their sensory experience which can be very informative to the people around them. They help others to appreciate beauty and stand their ground.


As the twin, they are world class multi-taskers; the multi-armed Goddess is always taking on another task. They are great at mediation as they can often see and understand many sides of an argument. Associated with the planet Mercury (the Roman God of communication) They have a quick wit, think on their feet and help others to be open to change.



The Crab carries its home with her wherever she goes. Cancer is deeply family oriented, be that blood or chosen. Often good with children, they love to cook as a form of nurturing. Associated with the Moon; Cancer governs our emotional wellbeing and can teach us how to nurture others.



The Lion, king of the jungle. They can have great charisma, creativity, and leadership abilities. They like to play at life more than live it, they have a youthful childlike side to them, reminding others of the importance of finding joying our lives. Associated with the Sun, Leo is all about shining a light, on stage, I am “Woman hear me Roar.”


The Virgin is really a misnomer for this sign as it has nothing to do with chastity. Virgo is highly analytical, always looking to understand the WHY of things. They are natural researchers, dependable and have a keen eye for detail. Like Gemini, Virgo  is associated with the planet Mercury (the Roman God of communication) but in this expression, it is about making sense of all the data Gemini is so good at collecting. It teaches us to uncover the meaning behind things, to fact check before we speak.


Represented by the Scales it is the only sign that is an inanimate object, but that does not make it detached. Libra, like the scales, is all about balance and fairness. Like with Taurus, Libra is associated with the planet Venus (the Roman Goddess of love) but in this expression, it is about partnership. As the opposite sign (that is halfway through the Zodiacal year) of self-sufficient Aries Libra teaches us that just because we can do something on our own does not mean that we need to.




Deep, deep, deep is the Scorpion. Known, for doing nothing half-way, the depth of empathy and compassion Scorpio possesses is unparalleled. Governing our sexuality, passion -in all its many places in life- is the name of the game. It teaches us to, in the words of Henry David Thoreau: “suck the marrow out of life”.  Associated with the planet Pluto (the Roman God of the underworld) Scorpion teaches us about letting go, that the only constant changes, and to live a passionate life.


The Pollyanna of the zodiac, Sag is the eternal optimist. A lover of travel and adventure Sag reminds us to take the long view – the big picture. Associated with the planet Jupiter (the Roman leader of the Gods i.e. Zeus in the Greek pantheon) Sagittarius is forever sure things will break in its favor. It reminds us to stay optimistic, and trust that things will, eventually work out.



Represented by the mythical creature the Fish-goat, Capricorn is the consummate workhorse who likes to take charge and stay in control. Associated with the planet Saturn Capricorn is also our authority and our use of time. Capricorn can teach us about hard work and the importance of boundaries. Accountability, and seeing things through are just some of what this sign has to offer up.


The water bearer is always a bit of an enigma. Always needing to do things it is own way, and own time is the norm for this sign. This sign is so “out of the box” there is no box to be outside of. Associated with the rebel, and trickster planet Uranus (that spins sideways through the sky) this innovative visionary reminds us all to not get too complacent or commonplace.


The sign of the fishes. This watery sensitive sign is intuitive and the hopeless romantic. Tide to the planet Neptune, the deep, non-tangible, god of the sea; Pisces is about the Dreamtime -that space that exists between the tactile and the mystical. As the opposite sign to Virgo, Pisces reminds us that part of life may not be logical, rational, concrete; somethings in life may be beyond our wildest dreams.