Retrograde Station

It’s been a while since I posted anything, and as you will see it’s not just being busy and grappling with writer’s block that has kept me from the keys.

Trying to get new things going this year has been challenging for many of us. We started the year with Mercury retrograde, and almost as soon as that energy had dissipated Venus geared up to turn on her heels and has been tracking backward for March 4th, until today. Complicating things further, Mercury went retrograde again on the 9th of April and will be dancing backward until the 3rd of May. With so much inverted and reflective energy in play our inner call to re-do, re-evaluate, reflect, and retract from our lives has been in hyper drive. And while we are all still in that energy for the next month or so don’t despair. It can help if you think of this time as a time of divine do-overs. We are being given the opportunity to refine what we say, what we love, who we want in our lives. We have been given the opportunity to ask for what we need in a new and more effective way.

With Mercury retrograde and Venus stationing (appearing to stand still) direct today reflection is seemingly everywhere this weekend. With Venus’s retrograde, we have spent the last six weeks reevaluating and now that we have a new view we are looking to implement these new desires and see what does and doesn’t work for us in the long term. The gift of Mercury having turned retrograde, just as Venus will again move ahead, is the energy in play beckons us to reflect on the new values, needs, desires we have become aware of – and can now reflect on how to bring them it to manifestation. This is particularly true over the weekend and into the first few days of next week. Mercury is retrograde in Taurus (a sign associated with values) and so to some extent, the energy or re-evaluation is still in play – even though Venus is again moving forward through the zodiac and will be making up for lost ground.

Use this time to do an art project and or journal; give voice, expression, to what you want in your life. The parts of your life this new need, desire, passion is most strong does depend on your own astrology. And while it can help to know your astrology, you don’t need to know it to take advantage of this time of change. The inner call for shifting can be accessed by simply choosing to embrace the new and make a change.