Mars Uranus Conjunction 2015

Inpatient revolution

 Oh my, what a week we have in-store for us. In the lead up to the last of the Uranus Pluto squares, that have been going in and out of exact alignment since 2012 with the 7th and last occurring on the 16th of March, we get a jolt of change with Mars and Uranus forming a conjunction in Aries.

On March 11th Mars, the god of drive, action, aggression and the quest will be conjunct or at the same degree of the zodiac as Uranus: representative of revolution, innovation, trauma, and individuality.

Although these two planets align with relative frequency, every two years or so, such an alignment is rarely benign.

Uranus is in Aries and has been there for the last several years. This alignment, in-on-to -itself has contributed to a time on the planet that has felt unstable for many. Along with this has been a call to change one’s life, community and society as a whole

This week Mars lends his energy to this inner call for revolutionary change. As these two planets align rage and frustration get thrown into the mix, with the call to change our lives and our world. With this longing of life to be different and more authentic we may find our selves with a shorter fuse. Things we have tolerated hit a tipping point this week and delay and hesitation are no longer an option. This alignment can bring in a sense of urgency, and at times a feeling that one’s survival, be it metaphoric or literal is contingent on things changing.


While change is an inevitable part of the human experience this alignment can create an earthquake like experience in our lives, where things just shift and/or change seemingly- without warning. If you find this to be true riding the wave will likely prove to be your best way to find a new place of calm.


It can be helpful to keep in mind that this alignment supports us, individually and collectively, to make necessary changes in our lives, and reinventing how we walk in the world in positive and needed ways. Although this line-up is short-lived, and will be done by the end of the week, what it shifts has the potential to be far more long lasting.

The winds of change a blowing, are you willing to enjoy the ride?

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