New Moon and Pisces – Solar eclipse 2015

Not all New Moons are made equal. The New Moon, in the wee hours of the morning here in the Pacific Northwest, is a horse of a different color. True it is a New Moon in Pisces, which happens once a year. But just talking about how to work with a New Moon in watery, dreamy Pisces won’t work this year.


It would be different enough to say that this New Moon it unique because it is occurring at the last degree, of the last sign of the Zodiac- literally hours before the equinox. But, that is not the whole story. In addition to this New Moon in Pisces lining up at 29° it is also a total eclipse of the Sun. We won’t be able to see it here in the States, but it will be visible to much of the globe.


All New Moons are about new beginnings; a time is for initiation, invoking calling things into being. With the added overlay of an eclipse we find that things are hidden from view. Not always what it seems. Made all the more true with watery, dreamy, illusionary Pisces.


Over the course of the next day it may be helpful to journal or meditate on your relationship with imagination, connection to your own spirit, and your capacity for compassion and forgiveness. The additional energetic support we get with the eclipse can thin the veil between the worlds. Allowing us to shift our consciousness releasing areas in our life where we have felt that we are without power or alone; riding the waves of our lives without a tether from which to grasp and guide us to shore.


At this time, it can be helpful to submerse your body in water. Connect with the fluidity of Pisces and its element water. Try taking a bath or long shower. Meditate imagining yourself immersed in a warm sea. Allow your unconscious mind to come to the edge of your perception and see what is revealed.


Eclipses literally obscure things from view, in this case the Sun. They are often times when things are both hidden from view from us and revealed. Long held secrets come to light, in general not always what it seems.


“When bliss comes over you, you will recognize it as a conscious, intelligent, Universal Being  to whom you may appeal, and not as an abstract mental state.” – Paramhansa Yogananda

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