Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 2015

Inner transformation

This Wednesday April 16th – slow moving, transformative, god of the underworld Pluto will appear to stand still, and then amble backwards until late September. This retrograde motion has this god of transmutation revisit the parts of our lives he impacted for much of last year. When a planet goes retrograde (Rx) it is revisiting a part of the Zodiac it has just past through.

When Pluto is Rx the transformation we experience tends to be more internal. The energy, the archetype Pluto represents, is going inward, falling back on itself during the retrograde. As such it can be a time of personal transmutation and the letting go of what no longer serves us.

When direct, the energy is out word – our environment is changing or our outer world itself is transforming. With the retrograde we are given the opportunity to change our selves, and how we respond to the changing world around us. It is about internal, rather then external, forces beckoning us to change. Because Pluto is such a slow moving planet, and turns retrograde for months at a time about once a year this is not the first time we have been turning inward to transform; nor will it be the last.

Ideally with each retrograde pass we are transforming, transmuting into more conscious selves; finding we are able to go deeper and deeper each time – transforming through part of ourselves that we have yet been able to reach.

The fact the Pluto is in Capricorn cannot be skipped over, for while we will be experiencing an internal shift it is not all consuming, impacting all parts of our inner sense of self. It is the parts of the self that is Capricorn in nature that is called to transform at this time.

Some of the things Capricorn is about are: authority, discipline, conditioning, limitation, maturity, leadership and boundaries. With Pluto’s extended stay in this sign it is these things that are experiencing transformation, rebirth and restructuring.

With the Pluto Rx this can manifest as transforming your relationship with your own sense of authority.


  • Are you lacking the confidence to stand from a place of authority?
  • Or on the other hand are their places in your life where it may be in your best interest to trust the authority of another.
  • Do you struggle with discipline, or perhaps you can be too rigid, this too may be part of what you are called to have a new relationship with during the retrograde.

There are many parts of the self that this retrograde can highlight that could use transformation, and develop a new relationship with. While it is good to grow and transform, we have many more opportunities of Pluto turning retrograde in Capricorn to work on these things, so it does not all need to happen over the next few months. Guilt and judgment can also be a part of this archetype, so this too may be an edge for you to work on.


Do what you can- there is no shame in slow growth, as is said in the I Ching “Perseverance furthers’


Degrees and Dates of the Pluto Retrograde) Rx (PST)

Enters the shadow (the part of the sign revisited with the Rx): 12/26/2014 12.58° Capricorn

Goes Rx: 4/16/2015 15 .33° Capricorn

Back to 12.58° Capricorn 9/25/2915

In the shadow, returning to where it when Rx until: 1/15/2016 15.33° Capricorn

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