Full Moon in Scorpio 2015

Deep Transformation

The up coming Full Moon at 13.23˚ Scorpio occurs just after Sunset on May 3rd – here in Seattle. Full moons are often times of intensity, with big emotions commonplace. And on a clear night a Full Moon can truly be a breathtaking sight; one that even the most cynical among us finds moving. I have written before about how Full Moons represent fruition, completion and the culmination of events from the past; particularly in relation to those things we began when the Moon was in her New phase in the same sign.


To fully understand what this New Moon will be for you it will be helpful to reflect on what was going on about 6 months ago – October 23rd 2014 – when the New Moon was in Scorpio.

  • Have you begun to change, explore your relationship with passion and resiliency?
    • Was there anything last fall the prompted this self-exploration?
  • What things did you call to you, invoke at that time? What did you begin?

It is these things in particular that may be front–and-center for you with this Full Moon.The idea that things move into a state of completion with a Full Moon is true with all Full Moons, and is why they are often times of intensity. They are the last clime till we reach the summit, the last push; the last mile in the race where we dig deep and brake through “the wall”- as they say in long-distance running.


This Sunday’s Full Moon is likely to be a powerful one for many of us. For the intensity will be making itself known in multiple ways, as it will also encounter a square with Jupiter at 13.35˚ Leo, which is likely to add a grandiosity to how we feel and responded to this Full Moon.


Scorpio in-and-of-itself is anything but subtle. As a fixed sign it is prone to extremes of all kinds, and as a water sign – those extremes are often emotionally driven. On the positive side this affords Scorpio the capacity for profound levels of empathy. But this depth can also lead to deep wounding and overwhelm, which can result in the lashing-out and wounding of others.


So what happens when the passion of Scorpio is pared with the power of a Full Moon?

We get big feelings, with deep calls to transform, and let go of things that we have been walking with for some time. Things we have thought we let go of may show back up as if to say:


“Are you sure? Do you really feel that way? Have you really let that go? How do you truly feel?”


This Full Moon can be a fantastic time to release patterns of behavior that you know do not serve you. Use the power of the Full Moon to let go, release and transform – even if you don’t know where it will lead. Let go of your need to know before you act, the transformative energy of Scorpio paired with the power of the Full Moon is here to assist you .

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us”.

Joseph Campbell


2 thoughts on “Full Moon in Scorpio 2015

  1. This is a very intense time for me.. I’m a Sun Scorpio and my natal Jupiter is 13° Leo… I’ve been questioning everything lately trying to figure out what can stay and what needs to go… from last fall til now, its been one storm after the other .. but I do feel things beginning to manifest now in very positive ways.

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