Venus conjunct Jupiter 2015

In the event you’ve been hiding away from the world for the last few days love has been a big theme. The ruling by the United States Supreme Court on marriage equality has coincided with an astrological line-up that events fall in the category of “you can’t make this s*$^ up”.

You may have noticed that over the last several weeks, two stars, planets are quite near one another, and are particularly bright in the night sky just after sunset. These planets, Venus and Jupiter have been moving ever closer to one another; aligning in conjunction, or the same part of the zodiac, on the 1st of July.

Because Venus will be going retrograde on the 25th of July these two planets will be moving in and out of conjunction through the 25th of October, making 3 exact conjunctions over that time. But what does this mean? How is this in anyway reflective of last week’s events?

Lets start with Venus. What does she invoke? The goddess of love, marriage and beauty, she is reflective of the erotic, our longings and desires. It is in her archetypal energy we see our sensory experience of the world – by way of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. She is a reflection of our devotion to our self and others – or lack-there-of.

Jupiter is the god of: “Go big or go home”. Zeus to the Greeks, Jupiter is anything but subtle. Typically grandiose, he is associated with prosperity, adventure, travel and justice. The seeker of higher truth Jupiter is the Pollyanna of the planetary archetypes. Jupiter invokes optimism, to the point of being unrealistic – believing that all things are possible- obstacles be-damned.

And what happens when these two planets meet-up? We get: Marriage + Justice = #lovewins.

Of course when looking at this alignment we cannot forget to look at the sign these to are hanging out in. At the moment they are both in Leo, where they will be for the first two conjunctions with the last occurring in Virgo.

So what does Leo add to this alignment? Think of a sign like a piece of colored glass from which the planets archetype is viewed. We are having this conjunction, this merging of love and adventure, seen through the lens of joy, creativity, and the queen/king. These energies can work quite beautifully together, and can bring in new adventures, new love, expand the love we have for people already in our lives, and inspire us to create beauty in a multitude of ways. The things we value become more important to us at this time, and with the addition of Leo, the sign of the child and our child-like nature we are called to make sure we have some fun, and not take life so seriously.

Because we get three conjunctions over the next several months, we don’t need to do everything all at once. And in fact Venus’s retrograde cycle, which I will write on in the coming weeks, assures us that there will be things, values, desires that we will be called to reevaluate more then once

The last of these conjunctions takes place in Virgo, the sign of the annalist and service to humanity. With this last conjunction, the expansion of love and values that occurred over the summer, perhaps merely – or mostly for the fun of it while in Leo is brought down to earth a bit. And the reality, the practicality, the viability of a given change will come more into view. Change is good, and constant. When Jupiter and Venus connect in Virgo, the gift of this lends will be that we will be less likely to be changing, expanding simply for the sake of something new. Rather we will be more likely to look at what we think we value and discover – “you know that’s not important to me any more, upon reflection I can let it go” or conversely “somewhere along the road of life a I gave-up but aside something that I deeply value and want to have in my life again”.

Although we will all be experiencing these conjunctions, and there are likely to be collective events, as was seen last week, for those who have planets and/or points in angle to these conjunctions, they are likely to be particularly palpable. Regardless, happy July, breathe and expand into love.

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” ~ Willa Cather

Dates and times of conjunctions:


  • July 1st 21° Leo – 12:50 AM (PDT)
  • 4th 28° Leo – 2:46 PM (PDT) – with Venus retrograde
  • 25th 15° Virgo – 1:03 PM (PDT)

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