What do You Need: Sun and Mercury ingress into Cancer

This year the Sun Ingresses into Cancer, marking the 1st day of Summer (in the northern half of the globe) at 12:25 AM EDT on the 21st Of June, mere hours before Mercury does the same. Starting the season with the Sun and the God of communication into sensitive, emotional, nurturing Cancer may have us all longing to give voice to our needs with increased fervor.

One of the challenges of Cancer is that it is, like its iconography the sideways-walking crab, typically indirect by nature. So while we may all feel called to ask for what we need, we may struggle to do so in a clear way; but rather circumnavigate it as we spiral into what it is, in fact, we are asking for. To help offset the vulnerability of indirectness take a long bath or shower to help you clarify your needs, and wash away that which is unnecessary and a distraction.

“You can’t always get what you want but if you try, sometimes you get what you need” – The Rolling Stones